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Posted by Bobby on June 22, 2010

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website visible in the search engine results. Today most of the internet users keep Google as their home page and they use search engine to navigate to other websites. There are obviously exceptions to this as many users also go directly to their desired website when they know their address or if they have bookmarked their desired website on the browser but for finding some information they have to depend on a Search Engines. There were many methods in the past that people used to find websites like web directories but today most of the people use Search Engines and especially Google.

The whole purpose of having a website is to communicate with the visitors. More the visitors you have on your website your purpose of having a website is fulfilled. So you are forced to conclude that getting listed in the search engine results that too in the top of the listings is very and most important aspect as developing a website. Unless you reach out to people there is no need of having a website on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization is the process of bringing your website on the search engine results. Now how do we do that is the Question? Well you have to consider some factors and do quite a lot of work to do to reach that goal.

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Search Engine Optimization-Content Optimization
Search Engine Optimization-Code Optimization
Search Engine Optimization-Search Engine Submission
Search Engine Optimization-Link Building
Search Engine Optimization-Blog Development
Search Engine Optimization-SEO Monitoring

There were many Search Engines in the past like Lycos, Hotbot, Infoseek, Excite etc. During those days the SEO Process was totally different from what we see today. So depending upon the Search Engine Scenario things change. Today Google is considered as the best of the search engines today and most of the seo is happening considering Google Search Engine. Yahoo and MSN are the second and the third. Most of the seo activities are based on them.

Search Engine Optimization is a process which starts before the development of the website and goes on till the website is on. The ways in which SEO is carried forward today and the methods in which it is performed was not the same in the past and will not remain same in the future also. As the Search Engine Algorithms change new methods of  Search Engine Optimization will come and the things will look different in the future.

Search Engine History is another blog developed by me that describes the History of Search Engines which is not a detailed history but you can get a quick glance on all the top search engines like, lycos, infoseek, hotbot, yahoo, Google, msn etc. that dominated in the history. You can get an outline of Search Engine History and will be worth a reference.

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